RF Services

To optimize your coverage solution, increase its reliability, and maximize its life span
As wireless technologies and systems continue to advance and increase in complexity, having a team that understands these evolutionary changes perform your RF services is paramount. If you rely on industry novices or contractors with basic skill sets, you risk poor performance and rapid obsolescence for your wireless solution.
The technical experts at EvolutionRF provide specialized services to ensure your coverage solution is correctly installed and operating optimally. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge enable us to maximize QoE for 4G or 5G cellular, Private network or Wi-Fi indoor or outdoor system deployments. Whether your facility is a small public safety building or a sprawling corporate campus, we can assure peak performance for your coverage solution.

Our Diverse Suite of RF Services Includes:

Pre- and Post-Benchmarking

Obtains baseline measurements of the environment, such as:

Validation and Verification

Calibration, Commissioning, and Optimization


Specializing in iDAS/oDAS and small cell network performance problems, including:

Post Processing

Our team will post process, analyze and supply benchmarking reports tailored to your specific needs. Reports can be tailored towards a non-technical end user or the highly technical

Benchmark Testing

Drive and in building benchmark testing of the macro or inbuilding environments.

CW Testing

Our team of engineers will simulate the propagation environment using CW tone generation to be used for modeling in your RF design or to validate the coverage footprint as part of commissioning