As wireless technologies and systems continue to advance and become increasingly complex, having a team that understands the evolutionary changes in the RF industry is paramount. The technical experts at EvolutionRF provide specialized services to ensure your coverage solution is correctly installed and operating optimally. We maximize QoE for Cellular, Data, WiFi and Public Safety indoor and outdoor Small Cell deployments. Our RF Services include:

  • Pre and post benchmarking
  • Post processing
  • Calibration, commissioning, and optimization
  • CW Testing
  • Validation and verification
  • Drive testing
  • Trouble shooting


Pre and Post Benchmarking

Obtain baseline measurements of the environment such as:

  • Voice coverage and data throughput
  • All required KPI’s
  • E911 and LBS coverage
  • Public Safety Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ)
  • WiFi coverage
  • Ambient noise floor
  • Assessing interference levels
  • Drive testing

Post Processing

Our team provides EvolutionRF or alternative vendor pre and post CW data collection and KPI benchmark processing.

Calibration, Commissioning and Optimization

  • Calibration of standalone iDAS/oDAS operations using CW signals prior to eNode B integration
  • Validation that the iDAS/oDAS or small cell network has been configured to maximize performance
  • Interference mitigation to identify and resolve sources of RF pollution that can interfere with your installed system or with neighboring systems, including those servicing public safety systems.

CW Testing

Our team of engineers will simulate the propagation environment using CW tone generation to accurately calibrate the iBwave RF design and validate the coverage footprint.

Validation and Verification

  • Review of PIM test reports to verify all measurements are complete and correct
  • Review of Coax test reports to verify all measurements are complete and correct
  • Review of Fiber/OTDR test reports to verify all measurements are complete and correct
  • Review and confirm existing “as-built” documentation per customer specification
  • Create “as-built” documentation
  • Validate all KPI’s and ensure that performance requirements are met
  • Complete E911 validation to verify E911 coverage meets or exceeds FCC requirements
  • Complete Public Safety coverage validation to verify system requirements and DAQ are met
  • Complete alarm validation to verify that notifications occur as required when an alert or alarm occurs
  • Upon completion of the validation and verification process, EvolutionRF will deliver a comprehensive report summarizing all test results and KPI’s

Drive Testing

Pre and post CW data collection and KPI benchmarking of the macro environment.

Trouble shooting

iDAS/oDAS, small cell network performance problems including:

  • Coverage
  • Interference
  • Throughput
  • Hand-off
  • PIM